How to choose a perfect Montessori furniture, playground/set for different children’s ages? 🌸

Oct 20, 2023by Tatiana Tolkachova

Selecting a perfect Montessori playground for your beloved child can be an exhilarating journey filled with joy and anticipation. With ours meticulously designed products, each piece is not only a testament to quality but is also dedicated to nurturing your child’s developmental needs from ages of 1 to 7 years old . As you prepare to invest in a playground set, this comprehensive guide aims to assist you in making an informed, delightful choice.

For the Littlest Ones: Ages from 1 to +3 years 👶🏻

Start Small, Think Big!

For toddlers stepping into the fascinating world of learning and playing, we present products that are the epitome of safety and functionality. 

Not only good for kids but for parents of little ones as well. 

  • Montessori Wooden BookshelfPerfect for kids aged 1 to 6, this beige, birch plywood bookshelf not only organizes your child's favourite books but also subtly teaches them the importance of tidiness and order. Instilling these values early paves the way for disciplined and organized habits in the future. This bookshelf not only teaches kids responsibility of placing everything neatly on the shelf from the young age but also will give the children an understanding of tidiness. 
  • Montessori Wooden Toy ShelfSimilar to the bookshelf, the toy shelf offers a designated space for your child’s toys, ensuring a clutter-free room. It's not just a piece of furniture; it's a lesson in responsibility and care for their belongings.
  • Money-Saving Bundle. Opt for the 2in1 set, a bundle that includes both the bookshelf and toy shelf, saving you money while providing a cohesive and organized look to your child's play area.

By purchasing this bundle you’re not only getting two items for a cheaper price, but you also provide your child not only with an area for toys, but also for books.

Nurturing Independence: Ages 1-6 years

Children are naturally curious and eager to participate in adult-like activities. Our products are designed to foster this sense of independence and contribution:



Foldable Step Stool for ToddlersFor tiny chefs aged 1-6, the Kid Chair That Grows is an invaluable assistant. This tower allows them to safely engage in culinary activities, immerse themselves in the joy of cooking, and actively participate in family gatherings, nurturing their sense of belonging and responsibility.

Thanks to this helping tower, your kids 🧒 will be able to get whatever they need from any place you desire them having access to .

For the Active and Adventurous: Ages 1-7 years

Goodevas offers a variety of products tailored for children who are ready to explore and conquer:

Single Ladders and Climbers

With products like the Pikler Triangle Climbing Set and the Snake Ladder, designed for kids aged 1 to 7, these pieces not only provide a safe climbing experience but also aid in developing motor skills, balance, and confidence in your young adventurer. It is built and set around use for young ones with maximum safety and splinter proof to insure your child’s full enjoyment and safe development.

Engaging Play for Growing Minds: Ages 3-7

As children delve deeper into the world of imaginative play, we offer intelligent storage solutions to keep their spaces tidy and organized.

  • Sorter for Constructor. This thoughtful product not only houses your child’s various Lego pieces securely but also aids in developing their organizational skills with its four distinct compartments designed for different shapes and sizes. Suitable for your little one to sort Legos by color or particle size.
  • Growing Chair for Kids. This chair is more than just a seat; it’s an enabler of independence for children who are ready to join the family at the dining table. It’s perfectly sized for little ones aged 3 to 7, helping them feel included and valued during family meals.

For the Multi-Tasking Tot: Ages 1-7

Sets by Goodevas

These sets are meticulously crafted to suit children at various stages of their development:

  • 2in1 Sets. Whether it's the Triangle Ladder + Slide Board (also a Ramp), or the Climbing Frame Set: Arch/Rocker Balance + Slide Board/Ramp, these sets not only offer a safe environment for play but also encourage physical activity and coordination in children aged 1 to 7. This set is suitable for small children because it is not very big, but very compact and practical for playing in the children's room. Arch/Rocker balance is especially great for small children such as 1-3 years old because the child can not only play using the ladder but also rest by simply turning it over.
  • 3in1 Montessori Climbing Set with Ladder and Arch plus Slide Board. This versatile play set is suitable for toddlers as young as 6 months, going up to 7 years old. With a triangle ladder as its foundation, it combines the thrill of climbing with the joy of sliding. The arch can be flipped to use as a rocker or with a cushion for a snug comfort zone, creating a dynamic and multifaceted play environment for even the tiniest explorers!
  • 3in1 Montessori Climbing Frame Set, including the Snake Ladder, Slide Board and Net. Tailored for children around the age of 3 to 5, this set is all about variety. The snake ladder, with its 8 adjustable positions, is an innovative piece, challenging children's creativity and physical capabilities. The slide/ramp dual purpose design and the net complete the adventurous experience.
  •  3in1 Montessori Climbing Set: it consists of a 5-Position Triangle Ladder, Slide + Fixed Ladder. This set encapsulates the essence of Montessori learning by fostering muscle development, balance control, and hand-eye coordination. From toddling to early school ages, this set is perfect for children from 1 to 7 years old.
  • 4in1 Montessori Set: Triangle Ladder + Climbing Net + Slide/Ramp and also Art Addition! This set is a dream for parents who want to encourage creativity in their kids. While the triangle ladder and net ensure physical activity, the art addition serves as a canvas for children aged 1-7, doubling as a table for writing, drawing, and even watching their favourite cartoons.

  •  4in1 Montessori Climbing Frame Set: Snake Ladder + Arch + Slide + NET. Designed for children aged 1 to 7, this set is a fusion of the Montessori approach with modern play elements. The Snake ladder provides adjustable configurations, while the Arch gives the versatility of calm and action. With the ramp and net, it's an adventurous playground in the confines of your home.

5in1 and 6in1 Sets

These extensive sets, like the one featuring Triangle Ladder, Arch/Rocker, Slide Board/Ramp, Climbing Net, Cushion, and Snake Ladder, provide a comprehensive play experience. They offer various configurations to keep your child engaged and active, supporting their physical and cognitive development seamlessly. It will be perfect for your 6 months- 7 years old child.

Making an Informed Decision

Understanding your child’s developmental stage and their individual needs is crucial when selecting the perfect set. For younger children aged 1 to 3, smaller sets provide a gentle introduction to the world of active play in a safe and secure manner. For children aged 3 to 7, who are more experienced and ready for challenges, larger sets offer stimulating environments for both physical and imaginative play.

Invest in Joyful Development

With Goodevas, choosing a Montessori playground set is not merely about purchasing a product; it's an investment in your child's joyful and holistic development. Each product is designed with utmost care, keeping in mind the safety, learning, and fun elements crucial for your child’s growth. As you navigate through the options, understand your child's needs and watch them explore, learn, and grow with our range of Montessori playground sets.

“Montessori Climbers & Furniture for Babies & Children.” Goodevas,

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