4in1 Montessori Climbing Frame Set: Snake Ladder + Slide Board/Ramp + Net + Art Addition - Beige

4in1 Montessori Climbing Frame Set: Snake Ladder + Slide Board/Ramp + Net + Art Addition - Beige

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  • Eco-plywood with natural wood glue.
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The 4in1 Montessori climbing set stands as a distinguished offering from Goodevas, tailored to nurture children from 1 to 6-7 years old. In accordance with the Montessori method, this set is engineered to holistically stimulate physical development. It plays a crucial role in bolstering a child’s courage, refining hand-eye coordination, enhancing muscle strength, fostering balance control, and sharpening motor skills. Offering a safe and stimulating play environment, this set stands as an excellent choice for your little one.

The versatile design allows the set to be connected in myriad ways, enabling children to creatively shape their play environment. The components include:

Snake Ladder: Serving as the foundational piece with 8 adjustable positions.

Slide/Ramp: A dual-purpose design, offering a smooth slide on one side and, when flipped, an exciting climber with only 4 planks on the ramp side.

Climbing Net: Facilitates the climb onto the snake ladder.

Art Addition:  Whether drawing, writing, watching cartoons, or playing, this attachment adapts to your child's needs.

Extend the play possibilities by incorporating the triangle ladder; our designs ensure compatibility across all Goodevas climbing frames and accessories.


Constructed primarily from eco-friendly Latvian birch plywood, the dowels are carved from linden soft hardwood. Ensuring the utmost safety, every wooden surface is meticulously sanded and polished for a splinter-free finish. With a special blend of oils and waxes, we ensure suitability for indoor play and controlled outdoor environments. However, it's recommended to avoid places with high humidity or extreme temperatures.


  • Complete Set: 6.73 ft (205 cm) 
  • Complete Set: 50.35 lb (22.84 kg)

Detailed Components

Snake Ladder: This dynamic design can effortlessly morph into a range of configurations, including zigzag ladder, triangle, square, trapeze, and more. With 8 primary shapes identified, the possibilities extend far beyond, awaiting your child's exploration.

Slide/Ramp: The dual-faced design offers a smooth slide on one side and a 4-plank climbing ramp on the flip side. This configuration not only amplifies fun by merging ascent and descent play but can also serve as a connecting bridge between other play structures.

Climbing Net: Constructed using natural wood and enhanced with robust cotton fiber and multifilament polypropylene rope, this net stands as a testament to durability and softness. Its design prioritizes safety, minimizing fall risks and ensuring safe climbs and steps.

Art Addition: This art station promotes flexibility by allowing you to effortlessly relocate it around your home. Simply set it at the desired height, and it's ready for use. Moreover, when paired with a climbing wall, it transforms into an all-encompassing art space.

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