Montessori Toys: Nurturing the Mathematician in Every Child

31 oct. 2023by Tatiana Tolkachova

From the earliest days of life, children are naturally curious, eager to explore the world around them. It's during these formative years that foundational skills, including numeracy and mathematical thinking, begin to take shape. The Montessori philosophy, deeply rooted in the principles of hands-on, self-directed learning, provides an ideal framework for fostering these essential skills. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that children learn best when engaged in purposeful activities, transforming every playtime into a rich learning experience.

Goodevas, founded in the scenic heartland of Kyiv, bridges this educational philosophy with the joy of play. Passionately driven by personal experiences with their own families, the founders embarked on a journey to design Montessori toys that not only entertain but educate. As our brand grows, its commitment to quality, safety, and the holistic development of every child remains unwavering, making it a trusted choice for parents, grandparents, and guardians worldwide. Through Goodevas, the timeless wisdom of Montessori meets the promise of a brighter, mathematically enriched future for our young ones.

At the core of Montessori's philosophy is the idea that children are natural learners. They don't need to be forced into learning; instead, they gravitate towards it when provided with an environment that respects their individuality and nurtures their innate curiosity. Montessori believed in the power of hands-on, tactile experiences as the cornerstone for developing abstract thinking skills.

Fast forward to today, the Montessori method is not just an educational trend but a global movement. It's backed by a century of success stories and contemporary research, indicating the positive cognitive, social, and emotional outcomes associated with this approach.

A Little About Us:

Enter us, a brand birthed from the hearts of three joyous parents. Our journey wasn't just about joining an educational movement; it was deeply personal. Inspired by the Montessori philosophy and driven by the happiness and growth of our own children, we embarked on creating products that encapsulate this essence. Each toy, whether it's a Montessori climber or a piece of functional furniture, resonates with our commitment to quality, safety, aesthetic appeal, and most importantly, the joyous user experience for every child.

Understanding the profound impact early experiences can have on a child's development, we ensure that our products not only align with Montessori principles but also exceed international safety standards. The brand’s dedication to eco-friendly practices, as evident in our use of sustainable materials like Latvian birch plywood, further underscores their commitment to a brighter, greener future for our children.



Montessori Toys and Numeracy Development:

1. Hands-on Learning:

Every Montessori toy is a tangible testament to the philosophy that children learn best through doing. This hands-on approach transforms abstract mathematical concepts into concrete learning experiences. When children manipulate Montessori materials, they're not just playing; they're laying the groundwork for advanced mathematical thinking. Counting, sorting, and comparing sizes become intuitive processes.

2. Montessori Climbers and Spatial Reasoning:

Our innovative Montessori climbers, such as the Triangle Ladder or the Snake Ladder, serve as more than just platforms for physical activity. Each climb, balance, and slide is a playful immersion into the world of geometry and spatial awareness. As children navigate these structures, they intuitively grasp concepts like symmetry, angles, and balance, establishing a solid foundation for future mathematical endeavors.

3. Montessori Furniture – A Lesson in Order and Sequence:

Organizing and structuring one’s environment is a precursor to advanced mathematical thinking. Our Montessori furniture, from classroom essentials to unique solutions like the LEGO® Storage/Sorter, goes beyond storage. These products instill a sense of order, encouraging children to classify, sequence, and group items. This seemingly simple activity lays the foundation for understanding patterns and sequences, vital skills in mathematics.



Beyond Numbers - Fostering Mathematical Thinking:

1. Montessori Playgrounds - Analysis in Action:

Active play is more than just a physical endeavor. Our Montessori playgrounds, be it the Climbing Dome, Playhouses, or the multifaceted Swedish walls, transform every play session into a lesson in analytical thinking. Children, while seemingly just having fun, are constantly making predictions, understanding cause and effect, and navigating spatial challenges – all integral components of mathematical cognition.

2. Swings – The Physics of Play:

The physics of motion comes alive with our range of swings. Whether it's the balancing act on a Seesaw or the rhythmic motions of the Trapeze With Rings, children are exposed to real-world applications of concepts like balance, momentum, and weight distribution. Without realizing it, they're delving into the early principles of physics, a field deeply intertwined with mathematics.


Incorporating Montessori toys into a child's daily routine is more than just providing entertainment. It's about nurturing a love for learning, cultivating curiosity, and equipping them with skills that will last a lifetime. Goodevas, with its deep-rooted commitment to children's holistic development, seamlessly bridges the gap between play and education, ensuring every child has the tools to thrive in a complex, mathematical world.



Every child, given the right tools and environment, has the potential to develop a strong foundation in numeracy and mathematical thinking. The Montessori philosophy, combined with the dedication and innovation of our brand, brings forth toys that are not just mere sources of entertainment. They are catalysts for learning, fostering curiosity, and nurturing young minds to grasp and love mathematics.


In a world where numbers and logical thinking play pivotal roles, equipping our children with the right mindset and skills becomes paramount. Goodevas, with its range of Montessori-inspired products, champions this cause, ensuring that every play session is a step closer to building confident, math-savvy individuals for the future.



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